Port de Portbou

The Marina is situated to the south of the Bay of Portbou next tu the "Punta de Gatillepis". The Port of Portbou is at the foot of the mountain "Puig del Claper" and "Puig del Falcó" between the hills and the urban area af Portbou.

The coastline around the Port is made up primarily by tall, steep cliffs and outcrops connected by small rocky coves.

Port activity revolves around its dry harbour facilities and leisure boat moorings. The dry harbour has facilities for all types of boats and has a heavy traveling lift storage system that attracts fishing boats and a wide range of other crafts from nearby ports.

Other Port facilities include acces to Portbou's two-way water purification system (EDAR) -this allows for the cleaning of vessels and also the processing and recycling of waste-water.

The port is managed by Consorci Port de Portbou (formed by the city council, Generalitat and the Port).

Situation: 42º25,07 N-003º10'

Width of harbour mouth: 37 m

Depth: 10 m

Moorings: 297

Vessels up to 20 m. length

Portbou is a village located in the nord of the Costa Brava. It's on the border with France.