General conditions

The Consortium authorizes to park the camper van only on 1 October to 31 of May , under the following TERMS OF USE, that the client expressly accepts:

 The client must only designate the parking plot to the camper van indexed above; no other vehicles, personal property or tools must occupy the space.

 This authorization is valid for a maximum of 48h.

 The price for the space is 10.45€/24h -VAT included- and 15€/48h -VAT included-. At the end of your stay, you must leave the parking plot free; there is no possibility of an expressed or unspoken extension.

 This contract only permits use of the assigned plot, as a camper van parking space; it doesn’t allow you to occupy another plot.

 Under no circumstances shall this place be considered for camping.

 Therefore, no camping tables or chairs, tents or other camping items will be allowed to be set up in the space.

 Clients can use the toilets and showers of the port.

 You mustn’t wash cutlery or clothes in the parking space, or hang clothes in the Port facilities.

 The client must respect the usage regulations of the port facilities and follow any instructions or orders from the Port Authorities.

 Specifically, the client must abandon the Port facilities, if weather conditions require him or her to do so, and if it’s required, in this case, by the Port authorities and/or municipal authority, with no right to receive a refund or any compensation.

 Moreover, the client allows the Port authorities or the municipal authorities, if necessary, to remove the camper van in urgent weather conditions, in the client’s absence, and to move it, if needed outside the port facilities.

 In addition, the Consortium has permission to remove any vehicles parked in unauthorized zones, especially those that obstruct the traffic flow in the Port facilities. During the removal, pounding and payment of the fines obtained, you can ask for the collaboration of the municipal services of the Town Hall in Portbou, in virtue of the contract signed with the Town Hall.

 If you have not vacated the parking space in the designated time, you will have to pay the corresponding fees plus a charge of 20€ for every 24 h you stay without the appropriate authorization.

 The space will be exclusively designated to the camper van mentioned above; no other vehicles must be parked in the space. If a camper van wants to stay again in the same plot, a minimum time of 48h will have to pass between both stays.

 The Port reserves the right of admission.

 You must ask the port personnel’s permission to use of the water and sewage services. They will supervise their use. The client must respect the port and its personnel’s instructions.

 Rubbish must be deposited by the client in the designated rubbish bins which are located in the parking zone. In no event, can rubbish be thrown in the public restrooms (WC) or in the street bins.

 The client must respect the port personnel’s instructions when it comes to coexisting with other port users, and keeping pets under control, so as not to bother anyone and to maintain order and hygiene in the port facilities.